WORLD MAP v005.jpg

The realm of mortals is divided into four regions. A reflection of the perfect universe as created by the Gods.

In the North is the Kingdom of Inklar, a region based in Nordic Mythology, where people are bound by Kafkaesque laws and anyone with enough money and wit can find a way to rise to power.

In the East is the Empire of Modanai, a region based in Eastern Mythology, where people are ranked by their age and forced to live in segregated communities divided by massive walls. Where the young rule and the old are slowly cast out.

In the South is the Nation of Hyperion, a region based in Roman Mythology, where science is held in high regard and double talk is frowned upon. Ruled by an Electoral College, set on bringing prosperity to its people through technological advances.

In the West is a desert called the Wasteland, a region based on tribal Mythology, where survival is key and the strong rule supreme. Desert tribes roam these lands, guided by their faith in the Gods and forever fighting to gain divine approval.

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