Titan Underworld 2.0


In order to help showcase the design of my underworld dungeon, I decided to add another layer to the original map. Giving both the DM and player better visibility of the elevation in the map and adding some more rooms to the roster. The dungeon, now the largest I’ve ever drawn, consists out of 50 connected rooms. All of it is part of an adventure I am writing, which I plan to publish on dmsguild or drivethru. The booklet is part of my Patreon and I’ll be releasing it for free as soon as it is finished, containing maps like this one, unique monsters and other content.

It was fun drawing out a complex and large map like this, but the next thing I’ll be working on is a much smaller map where I can focus on the painting and minor details. If you like my stuff you can always drop by my Instagram where I post tidbits of the things I’m working on. Including monster art, sketches of maps and paper miniatures that I’m turning into creature cards.

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