Crosshead’s Creature Companion – Beast Edition

The Creature Companion is a collection of simplified stat cards with artwork for 88 beasts (including dinosaurs & giant beasts) for 5E. it is a way to make shapeshifting a lot more fun for players and putting beasts into any encounter a lot more dynamic for a DM.

  • Dinosaurs including Tyrannosaurus Rex, Pleiosaurus, Triceratops
  • Giant Beasts including Giant Ape, Owl, Snake, Shark, Elk, Rat, Crab and many more

SpecificationsThe layout was designed with print in mind, with the aspect ratio of poker size cards, but can also be easily used on a smartphone/tablet. The digital product doesn’t just contain a booklet with all the creature cards (back and front) but also a Zip file that includes all the digital stat cards (for ease of use on a tablet or phone). You can also find a legend of the icons that were used in the layout to highlight specific stats and actions in the preview of the product. 

  • PDF Download includes A PDF with all beasts in the deck and a ZIP file with JPG’s of said beasts.
  • Printed Cards are US Poker sized, Embossed Card Stock, 310 gsm, black core and are neatly tucked away in a tuck box for ease of use.

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