Fragmented Dungeon : Pirates


I started working on this modular design for pseudo-isometric dungeons some time ago, looking to create 12 x 12 inch tiles you can piece together with fragments of dungeons, including center pieces, a shipwreck inside a cave and a massive tavern, and connecting hallways, with bridges and waterfalls, like the ones you’ll see in this set. In the end I’d like to build a little piece of webdesign that allows people to create random dungeons for encounters, by inputting simple keywords of themes they’d like to include and the amount of areas for players to explore, and the software piecing the fragments together to create quick and easy to use dungeons.

For now I’m still drawing up a bunch of these tiles to play around with, have about a hundred fragments as is (some are tiles with variations of like a two roads crossing or just the one road in each direction, in order to make it easy to change the pathways). Including looking into getting some of this content printed so you can do the same on your table at home. Next up I’m working on starting on a set of outdoor modular tiles, with this same style in mind. I’m probably shifting over to 10×10 because there is this possibility of a company

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