Featuring battlemaps constructed with art assets designed and drawn in photoshop. In this first gallery you'll find a selection of maps I made with Zoetrope, you can access these maps and their Dungeondraft Save files for free! You'll find alternate versions of all these maps on our Crossland project Patreon for a lot more content!



Patrons will be able to access a bunch more maps I've made in Dungeondraft including the save files needed to change these maps on the fly. I've made hundreds of maps over the years outside of Dungeondraft as well, underneath this gallery is a bunch more! Here's a sampling of what you'll be able to find!


Featuring animated 2D battlemaps that were handdrawn and then animated in After Effects. I've deconstructed these animations into layers so they can be repurposed to build custom animated maps in combinations with my DungeonDraft assets.



The DungeonDraw mapset is a series of modular topdown battlemaps that were designed to build maps on the fly using the DungeonDraw platform. Each tile is 10x10 and can be mix and matched according to type and setting.
(website is currently inactive)



Fragmented Dungeon series was my first attempt at building a modular set in a custom isometric style in an attempt to combine the best of two worlds when it came to drawing RPG battlemaps.



This series is a collection of standalone battlemaps I made, going from my first attempts at building maps and all the tests I ran to perfect my own battlemap style. You'll find all sorts of viewpoints, going from a basic top-down perspective to variations on a pseudo isometric style.