I've been creating assets for this lovely piece of software called DUNGEONDRAFT, developed by megasploot, for quite some time now. It's basically a tool that allows me to create a customized mapbuilder featuring my own hand-painted terrains, walls, floors, objects, etc. With over 1000 Art Assets in my base pack alone. All you have to do is download DungeonDraft, and upload my asset packs ,located on the PATRONS page of my website. I've added a showcase video here that can help you figure out how to get started creating a map in my art style, from activating the art assets all the way to putting shadows on your map.


For quite some time I've been trying to figure out a way to bring animation to my Battlemaps. The issue being, that in creating full-scale animations, like my ships, the file sizes were too large to be useful on Virtual Tabletops. Having to scale them down significantly to get the most out of my creations. Building content for DungeonDraft however, I realized that I could animate the individual assets instead. Obviously. This didn't only solve the rendering issue, but also makes it possible to turn any Dungeondraft map that uses these assets into an animated battlemap on the fly.

So far I've finished over a dozen of these 3-5 sec animations for my snow-themed assets, but I plan on making a whole lot more!


Here is a collection of user-made maps using my Dungeondraft assets. If you'd like to share your custom map, feel free to upload it to my Dropbox below and I'll get to adding it to the gallery as soon as possible. Make sure you add your username to the upload so I can add a filter to the gallery to make it easier to navigate.

UPDATE 29|10|21 - TEAM PROJECT 0.6

This update features over 300 assets with a focus on ships, oceans, and swamps. Which should allow you to create hundreds of unique sea worthy vessels for your next ADVENTURE.

UPDATE 30|09|21 - TEAM PROJECT 0.5 + SEA 0.1

This update features 250 assets, and includes a new theme for our assets: UNDERWATER content. We'll also be doing some underwater adventures soon, so for those interested keep an eye on the ADVENTURE section of the site!

UPDATE 12|08|21 - TEAM PROJECT 0.4

This update features 500 assets, we've also started building more animated assets (50 animations) to go with them, you can check out some of these animated maps in BATTLEMAPS.

UPDATE 12|07|21 - TEAM PROJECT 0.2

This update features 600 assets that I've made teaming up with a new artist who is joining me on this project. Updating some assets here and there and creating a large quantity of interior assets. We will continue teaming up for the foreseeable future, and might even get more creators on board to help with projects like the REGION MAP one.


This update features a test project to try out building REGION MAPS in DungeonDraft. I haven't had the time to check out WonderDraft myself, but the tools of DungeonDraft should do to create isometric locations as well. I might return to this style of building maps later to give it a closer look.

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UPDATE 26|04|21 - NATURE 0.3

The updated nature pack features over 200 assets to create snowy landscapes and icy dungeons. More updates coming to the nature pack later to include even more exotic locations!

UPDATE 16|03|21 - RUINS 0.3

The Ruin pack features over 200 assets to create building ruins and roofs. This pack is excellent for creating large cities, towns or abandoned ruins out in nature.

UPDATE 10|02|20 - NATURE 0.1

My latests addition to my DungeonDraft series is a pack called Nature. It currently features about 100 assets with a Forest theme. I plan on updating the nature pack with all sorts of outdoor environments to help you create a range of beautiful outdoor maps on the fly.