This Cloaca-Cola Co. adventure is the second in my series of Brand&d adventures featuring a prominent brand and a play on their foothold in our culture. The goal here is to be as concise as possible, which was a difficult for this one because I was really having fun with my take on the Santa origin story, by using a single item, a single monster and a single map as the basis for the adventure.


For those interested in some possible takes on how to introduce your characters to this tale, I had a couple in mind where we introduce the party right at the end of the Sinistraclaus (which originated with the whole bastardization of Sinterklaas from dutch folklore to Santa Clause in America).

They arrive at a village called Kerzt. Now their arrival can be played out in two ways:

  1. The villagers have already succumb to the disease of Cloaca-Cola. They are mute, but do try to convince the players to join in on their "festivities". Giving off a very eerie vibe, disjointed even as the colorful decorations don't match the villagers' demeanor. Either they do manage to convince the players to drink the Cloaca-Cola or it ends up in a brawl that might put them in a position of killing these innocent villagers (or find an alternative way to handle it).
  2. The second would be that the party is yet to begin, they join in and see as some of the villagers transform. Try to help those who are being attacked and find a suitable solution for those affected by the disease.
KERZT - Winter Village Map ONLINE


This was a modular village I build some time ago, the pieces were meant to be interchangeable, as a baseline for my tiles. It features a little central plaza for the festivities, a storage for all the casks, and some tents where outsiders have joined the main body of the village to join in on the yearly tradition.


I've already brought up some of the monsters I'd use in this adventure in the one sheet, as they're tied together to some of the magical items and the lair action of my other content. Most of them will be fitting to build encounters against players a group of players between LVL 4-7

I often use DnDBeyond homebrew or even official monsters as the basis for my own creations, as my main focus is creating a story concept and the art to go with it. Most of the time I can find something that helps me translate what I want a creature to feel like on there, so here are some more suggestions to help you along the way: