I had been reading up on shorting in the stockmarket,  as GME: Reddit vs Hedgefunds was going on, trying to find a layman's summary when I came up with the idea of translating the concept to a fantasy universe.

Not just the concept of shorting, but the whole history of how a group of Redditors wanted to take on the big hedgefunds on trading platforms like Robinhood. A story that started taking on this aura of a Kurasawa's Seven Samurai. People taking a stand against the forces that had been wreaking havoc against society, referring to the 2008 stock market crash, and would hold their ground no matter the consequences.

With Gemhold I wanted to make an attempt to retell that story as a 5E adventure. Transforming the terminology and phrasing used into a fantasy setting.


To tell this story, I wanted to make sure terms like Diamond Hands, To The Moon, GME, Hold, Hedge, Reddit, CNBC etc. wouldn't just be included in the lore but also hold the same weight as they did in the real world.

How the r/walltreetbets crowd called each other retards, so I wanted to make sure the intelligence modifier of the creature wasn't just low but that there was also an explanation as to what had caused this as part of the story.

Using the face of the movement u/deepfuckingvalue, who had to testify in the Gamestop hearing about, as the design for my NPC.


The basic layout for the adventure would be that the players either find a Tome of Scryddit of their own and are able to read for themselves that the city of Gemhold is under siege, or that they become entangled in some other way. You could even play the game from the side of the Hedge Sorcerers, taking part in the siege and killing all the Diamond Dogs and their followers.

The game being set up as a how many lvl 1 sorcerers would it take to fight off a party of lvl 20 sorcerers. Or just even one for that matter.



The scene of the battle I think would take place in phase two, where a first siege has already commenced once. The CNBC bards (See and be Seen) have been met with an unexpected amount of resistance and have retreated in wait for backup.

It's now up to the players to make ready the defenses in an effort to hold of the final assault.