Forest Battlemaps + Tutorial


The forest battlemap pack is perfect for any random forest encounter.

There is a mountain track with a small brook, where I wanted to focus on adding minor elements that could be used by the DM to engage his players. The largest of them all is the split rock, which can be used as a story element (maybe your players are chasing something big and they make camp in the wake of the monster they have been chasing). There is also a fairy circle in the top left corner and as mentioned before a campsite that could either be used by NPC’s or by the players themselves.

There is one based on a druidic stone circle, similar as the one in Stonehenge. It is 3 points of entry at the bottom of the circle, a stone altar surrounded by four stone pillars and an entrance that might lead players deeper into a dungeon beyond. Making it a very adaptable map.

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