In the east of my Campaign Setting is an empire called Modanai. Located deep in the jungle, this empire, based on Eastern mythology, is divided into three sections. Three Wards. Divided by massive walls, each of these sections represents one of the three stages in life.

The Inner Ward

All the way in the center of the empire is the Inner Ward, home of the Eternal Empress and the council of Lords, who rule all of Modanai. It is a place filled with energy and life, where everything moves at lightning speed. Only the youngest generation is allowed entrance to the Inner Ward, there isn’t room for people who can’t keep up.

Every citizen born in the empire is granted what is known as a life-loan, money they can spend freely but will have to repay over time, its grants inhabitants of the Inner Ward the opportunity to enjoy the finer things in life, worrying about repaying these debts later.


Growing older, means losing the ability to keep up and once this has happened, citizens are removed from the Inner Ward and brought to the second Ward, known as Midway. By the time people are in Midway they have spent most of their life-loan and are forced to start working more, in order to repay their debts.

People here tend to be more serious, taking their time to think and figure out where their life is taking them.

The Outer Ward

Where ever life had taken them, the people who live long enough to reach a certain age in Modanai will always end up in the Outer Ward. A place where everything has slowed down to a crawl.

Having been left to their own devises, the elderly of Modanai band together in small towns, trying to help each other weather the dangers of the encroaching jungle. Building their homes in ancient ruins, too weak to construct actual houses for themselves.

The village of Suratan is one of these townships that has been built in an ancient ruin. Located all the way at the edge of the Outer Ward, right next to the massive wall that marks its borders.

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