Exotic Transport


Working with Aarakocra in the past, my fascination for aerial play/combat in D&D has started growing ever since. I honestly had never really incorporated the concept in my own Campaign Settings before and had always needed to expand beyond my universe to be able to have sessions set in a place where it is possible.

On holiday I started reading more into Greek and Roman mythology and a concept for a new campaign setting has started developing ever since. This time I am going to make sure aerial play will be part of that concept from the get-go, just so that I can have my players use vehicles, like these airships that I’ve designed, in our sessions.

I plan on designing more like them in the future too, enough for a larger scale airship battle. Adding stuff like dragons, hippogriffs etc. to the mix.

Also made a design for an Armored Mekillot from the Dark Sun campaign as requested by one of my Patrons. I really enjoy getting requests like these because they take me to places in the D&D universe that I haven’t been to before.

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