Introducing my latest patron backed creation: Terryan Wrecs’al.


The story behind Terryan the Bardbarian started a while ago, when I first came across the meme of Terry Crews in armor saying something in the likes of: when you put all your points into strength and charisma. Quite a sharp joke, but what made less sense was the fact that Terry, an actor famous for showing of his muscles, was wearing a massive suit of armor in it.

There were a couple more of these instances where I happened to see a connection between Terry and DnD, one of the more obvious ones being him starring in an episode of CelebriDnD with Mercer. Until finally about two weeks ago, while reading some posts about multiclassing, I came across a post about building a bardbarian and it just clicked. I immediately put down the idea down in my notebook and starting doing some research on Terry.

You can find dozens of references to him and the characters he has played in the backstory, artwork and statblock I put together. I wonder if people can find them all… Challenge?


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