Introducing: The Big Mistake

Making series and movies about superhero franchises, and other nerd culture, has become so popular in the past few years, that I thought it might be interesting to reflect on the days before the “golden age”, when it felt like a lot of the productions were handled by buffoons, who didn’t care or know anything about the content they were mishandling. One of the actors who has played a central part in some of these, and actually jokes about some of the adaptations he’s featured in, is Ryan Reynolds, making him the perfect posterboy of this creation.

The three movies, I mashed together in this design, are also the perfect representation of the most common injustices. Starting with my favorite miscreant of all time: Deadpool in Wolverine Origins. Where shutting up the “Merc with a Mouth” was one of many wrongdoings, giving him a grab bag of powers and turning him into some sort of monstrosity. Next I wanted to pull in some minor references to Hannibal King, a character I’m less familiar with, but Blade Trinity was definitely one of those keep milking the cow till it is dead movies. Another common sin in the movie franchise business. Finally Green Lantern, a movie that was actually made in the Golden Age of Superhero movies. A reflection of all the CGI gone wrong movies and how most of the observant creators have learned to dial it back somewhat to create better looking movies. (Definitely not all of them)

I tried my best to include most of these ideas in the character design and try and translate some of it into the D&D universe. For the stat block I tried to create something a bit different, something based on the stats of a beholder, where you get randomized attacks. It seemed fitting for the concept. It might be very unbalanced, as it is a bit of an experiment, and would love it if people pointed out any glaring mistakes I made. Like the beholder it doesn’t take in account concentration in some of the spells and they are all ranked from level 2 to 7.


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