Matt Mercer – Craftsman


Introducing my latest patron backed creation: The Craftsman


I’ve always spent a lot of time behind my desktop, either at work or working on my personal projects. While at first I always listened to music or standup during these long hours, I eventually started looking elsewhere for content. It was here, in my quest for finding some entertainment to keep me company that I first came into contact with D&D. Coming across shows like Acq. Inc and Critical Role, by coincidence really, is what opened up a whole new world for me, and what had started as a search for some background noise eventually turned into a takeover of my entire spare time.

For quite some time I had wanted to create something in dedication of the people who make these podcasts, and who share with us their passion. Sharing with you my own passions of creating artwork and putting together homebrew content.


This specific character is based on Matt Mercer, the characters he has embodied with his voice in series and games, the characters he has created for his own stories and parts of his own personal history. Incorporating a class he has designed himself: the Gunslinger.

If you look closely you will find references in the artwork, specific items he carries like the maneuvering gear and his gun belt, logos referring to several shows (on his rifle, his jacket and his maneuvering gear), even the tears in his jacket are a reference to one of the shows he’s in. Most of his statblock is focused on the homebrew he has created and the backstory is a combination of references to his personal life and his passion for D&D that he shares with us.



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