As a fan of both Heavy Metal and DnD I’ve always been fascinated by the connections the two have shared. Both using a lot of the same imagery and themes, both caught up in the satanic scare and both been looked at as outsiders (also sharing quite a large overlap in their audience). So creating a heavy metal style campaign isn’t anything new obviously, but what I was trying to achieve was to tell a story that reflected the concept of the heavy metal subculture in a more standard DnD type setting instead. Try to present it as a believable adventure that just includes a bunch of references to history and ideas of that culture.

Not only will I include a bunch of anagrams, references to places and people, but I will also include lyrics to specific songs that have a connection to anything I’m crafting, whether that connection is just in name or in context. This first page has one referring to the song Metalhead by Saxon.

The adventure that I’m writing was part of this expanded goal I had on my Patreon, an adventure I had planned on putting together for quite a while but couldn’t find the time for until I got some backing. An adventure I plan to release for free as soon as it is finished. I’ve been dropping some of my art on reddit already, mainly of the maps I’ve made for the story, and now I’m working on finishing the other custom content like this Metalhead race. All of it will include these references to the culture, custom monsters, spells and items, and try to have the feel of a genuine DnD module. I wanted DM’s to be able to drop it into their own games, or just run it as an adventure on their own, using basic DnD handbooks.

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