So for a while now I’ve been playing around with the concept of building modular tiles that make it possible to create dungeons and outdoor maps, including multiple layers for multi storied buildings. Now for this set I wanted to create tiles with fractions of walls (a horizontal wall, vertical wall, corners) that are varied in type (with gate, with tower, with stairs, or without) so users can use them to create their own fort / walled village / wall on a border / etc. Making them in such a way you can seamlessly piece them together in any order. Including multi layered tiles for the wall segments, the towers and the gate so you can take of the roof and place miniatures inside. Most of these are currently just available for digital play Patreon, but I might look into getting them on print as well in the future. So one could build their own base on their table at home.

The end goal is to be able to create a full booklet that logs all the construction costs of the individual parts of a base (including the costs of each fragment of a wall and details like you can see in the example above. With set prices per tile. If you look below you’ll see an example of my cost analysis of Camp Vengeance which also includes costs for building the types of tents: normal 2 person tent is 2 gold, officer tent for 5 officers is 25 gold and a tent for a general is 50 gold. Clearing up a full tile to make room for the tents takes 3 days with 10 unskilled workers. So that’s where the additional data comes from if you’d like to calculate your own costs for building camps.

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